Specific awards and programmes

Global Challenges Teaching Award

For UK teaching faculty interested in delivering a virtual exchange course

> Global Challenges Teaching Award

Study of the US Institutes

Intensive short-term academic programs for undergraduate student leaders

> Study of the US institutes

Brown University (PhD) Award

Grant to pursue a PhD in any discipline available at the university

Distinguished Awards in Teaching

For teachers and education professionals interested in work in the USA

> Distinguished Awards in Teaching

All Disciplines Scholar Award

Lecturing and/or research in any discipline at any accredited US university

> All Disciplines Scholar Award

"What my experience has done for me is to always push me to seek diverse perspectives and diverse approaches to an issue. Now, living in New York, every day of my life i’m surrounded by people from all over the globe. That, for me, has been truly life-changing."

Catherine Penman

All Disciplines Postgraduate Award, New York University (2018-19)


"Being awarded a Scholarship has afforded me an opportunity to showcase the importance of support. Yes hard work ‘can’ pay off, yes socio-economic barriers continue to be almost impermeable – but there are people within society that facilitate opportunity, not just by what they are afforded to ‘materially offer’, but the manner in which they support and humanise you."

William Carter

All Disciplines Award, University of California, Berkeley (2020–21)


" completely changed my life. Where I’m from people don’t go to university, let alone pursue a masters... It would not have been possible for me to come to the US without my , but the people I have met through it, the family I have found, the support and guidance – is invaluable."

Raegan Sealy

Poet and Musician, alumna (2015-16)