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Our UK centre is based at the US-UK Commission in London. EducationUSA is here to help support your recruitment efforts in the UK, whether you are used to recruiting in the four nations of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) or if it's your first time recruiting here.


How can we help your recruitment efforts in the UK?

For more than 45 years, USA College Day has been helping US colleges reach prospective undergraduates. Held in London, it is Europe's largest US college fair and we are proud to reflect the diversity of US HEIs at the event.

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UK high schools use a number of different qualification systems - from the UK A Levels (which in themselves can differ between England, Wales and Northern Ireland), to the Scottish highers, to BTECs, T-Levels and vocational qualifications, while UK universities use a degree classification system that is different to the US system.

As EducationUSA advisors, we can help translate these different qualifications to guide admissions offices, and provide clear and comprehensive advice about how to evaluate them.

We can provide suggestions for beginning to explore partnerships with UK institutions: many UK universities are interested in expanding their international partnerships by increasing student and faculty exchanges and establishing joint research and teaching initiatives.

Additionally, our centre is based within the US-UK , so US HEIs can leverage the strong UK university network too.

The annual Global Guide is EducationUSA’s signature resource to guide US colleges and universities in their approach to international student recruitment.

EducationUSA produces an annual publication written by EducationUSA Regional Educational Advising Coordinators (REACS) with Washington, D.C. staff. These regional chapters present detailed information on current recruitment trends, country highlights, and government scholarships written by experts on the ground. The Global Guide provides U.S. higher education recruiters with detailed statistics on in-person and virtual outreach, along with tips on the best means of communication with students from the region.