Scholar Awards to the USA

As part of the Visiting Scholar programme, our Scholar Awards provide the only scholarships available to UK-based academics and other professionals for lecturing and/or research in any discipline at any accredited US university.

We offer a number of scholarships, known as ‘ Awards’ that are partnered with US universities and professional or charitable bodies, as well as Awards in specific disciplines. The All Disciplines Award can be applied to lecturing and/or researching at any accredited US university.

Scholar Award grant periods last from 3to 12 months. Depending on the Award, our grants can generally offer:

  • Generous monthly stipends
  • Limited sickness and accident coverage
  • Logistical and visa support
  • Cultural enrichment programmes and events
  • Membership of national arts and culture organisations
  • Academic journal database packages

Monthly stipends vary from year to year and are typically enough to comfortably cover the cost of living in the USA.

Applications are currently closed for academic year 2024-25, they will open for 2025-26 in August. Scroll down to see details about applying and the timeline.

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To be eligible, applicants must:

1. Be a UK citizen. We also welcome candidates from British Overseas Territories.

2. Hold a PhD in a subject relevant to the award to which they are applying or have equivalent relevant professional degrees (e.g. medicine or law) or experience in the field

Dual US-UK citizens, US Green Card holders, or individuals who are resident in the US at the time of applicationare ineligible to apply.

Non-UK citizens who reside in the UK should contact the Commission to ascertain their eligibility for the UK programme. Some Awards are open to any non-US citizen currently residing and committed to a career in the UK. Such exceptions, if any, will only be found on the individual award pagesof this website.

Non-UK citizens are required to apply through the Commission/Post in their country of citizenship. Applications from non-UK citizens based in the UK and committed to a life and career in the UK may also be considered if the applicant is not able to apply for a award through their country of citizenship. Applicants in this category should contact their country of citizenship Commission in the first instance. If they are ineligible to apply through that Commission, they should contact the US-UK ( before making an application.

TheUS-UK programme aims to fostercultural understanding between our two countries. Preference may thereforebe given to applicants who do not have extensive experience (six months or longer) in the USA.

Applicantswith extensive USexperience shouldexplain in detail how further experience in the USAwill fulfil the mission in ways that their prior visits did not.

See Scholar Awards to the US:

How to apply

Scholar Award application instructions

What we're looking for

The Scholar programme looksfor applicants who canengage with the USAin an atmosphere of openness, academic integrity and intellectual freedom, thereby promoting mutual understanding.

Weassess more thanthe intellectual merit ofproposals. The best applications are from well-rounded applicantswhocan demonstrate:

  • Strong academic proposals and/or research projects
  • Ambassadorial skills and intercultural sensitivity
  • Genuine desire to learn more about the USAand to share aspects of Britishculture
  • Extracurricularactivities
  • Community involvement
  • Leadership potential
  • Plans to further the mission and giveback to the UKupon returning

Choosing an Award

There are severalScholarAwards availableeach year. We recommend applyingfor an Award that best fits your experience and research/teaching interests.

Selection committees and interview panels will be looking for clear reasons for selecting your USuniversity preference. Weexpect candidates to conduct a thorough university search and to identify institutions thatare a strong fit for their academic, personal and professional goals.

Application instructions

1. Review the UK specific application information:

Theis used by programmes around the world, and Awards differ greatly from country to country.There are many fields and instructions which do not apply to UK applicants.

Therefore, you must read the UK specific application information listed above before you apply to ensure you submit a complete application in the correct way.

Please note, applications for 2024-25 are now closed.

  1. Complete an. The online application includes:
  • Biographical information
  • Academic, professional and extracurricular accomplishments
  • project plans
  • Details of the US institution(s) to which you will be affiliated
  • Three referee nominations

The online application requires you to upload the following documents:

  • Scanned passport photo page
  • CV
  • Letter of invitation from your prospective US institution (this must be sought independently by you from the institution/department)
  • Creative writing or artwork sample (if applicable)

3. Complete the separate online .

This is a required part of the application, and your application will be considered incomplete without it. Please follow the link above to access the form.

Application process

You must makeseparate arrangements with your chosen US host institution(s), the timeline and forwhich will vary from the application. You do not need to have a host firmly in place before submitting your application, but you must have a confirmed host affiliation in order to receive your grant, if successful.


Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a panel interview in January or February. Scholar Award interviews cannot be rescheduled.


All applicants will be informed of their status by March.

UK Scholars Application Timeline

In general, the Scholar Awards competition for British citizens follows the below timeline each year. Candidates must make their own independent applications to US institutions. Applications for academic year 2024-25 are closed, they will open for 2025-26 in August.

For academic year 2025-26

Early August 2024

Applications open

November 4th 2024

Applications close

End of January 2025

Shortlisted candidates invited to interview

February 2025

All candidates notified of their status

April 2025

Finalist Workshop

June/July 2025

Pre-Departure Orientation

August onwards 2025

Independent departures to the USA

Webinars and videos

Catch up on our webinars below to learn more about our Partner Awards, and completing your a Scholar Award application.

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This session provides a brief overview of the different partner awards available this year and some guidance on our online application.

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