Help us to invest in the next generation of ers; support our mission to widen participation and champion inclusive excellence

Why we need your support

Since 1948 the US-UK has been at the vanguard of international education, the only organisation to support exchange both ways across the Atlantic between the US and the UK – and for every generation. 

Our mission was then as it is today: to advance knowledge, promote civic engagement and develop compassionate leaders. Our vision is of a world without obstacles to learning, understanding and collaboration. 

75 years on, we have seen the experience transform individual lives and collaborations tackle the challenges facing our shared planet. But in today’s fractured world, where social divisions and economic inequalities are affecting increasing numbers of people, the importance of the Commission’s work has never been so apparent. 

At the same time, it is these same inequities that now undermine our ability to attract talent from every financial circumstance and every community. 

The hard facts are these. The difference between the standard current grant of $45,000 and the average cost of a master’s degree in the US means that UK applicants need to raise $75,000 to enable them to take up the opportunity. 

Diversity, inclusion and equity are integral to our pursuit of excellence but the widening gap between what the US-UK can fund and the true cost to the grantee undermine this mission. The Widening Participation campaign is an unrestricted fund that will allow us to provide more fully funded awards to our ers, especially to UK students not able to meet the actual cost of graduate education in the US.

Join us today in making a gift to our Widening Participation fund.


"Being awarded a Scholarship has afforded me an opportunity to showcase the importance of support. Yes hard work ‘can’ pay off, yes socio-economic barriers continue to be almost impermeable – but there are people within society that facilitate opportunity not just by what they are afforded to ‘materially offer’ but the manner in which they support and humanise you. And better still, being part of a cohort that contains doctors, mental health nurses, educators, LGBT activists and innovators – the current class of scholars, and soon to be alumni imbue that very same ethos. Support and encouragement matter, and you will find this plentiful through what will be a challenging but rewarding application process."

William Carter

University of California, Berkeley, 2020-21


"I honestly never expected my life to unfold in this way – if you’d told me at 16 I’d be flying to New York to spend a year as a scholar, I’d have dismissed the idea as a fantasy. I’m so grateful to the donors for turning my dreams into reality! In a way, to be awarded a scholarship to study at Columbia Journalism School is much bigger than me. It’s a vote of confidence in the type of writing I’m determined to produce: socially engaged journalism that strives, unashamedly, to make the world a better place. "

Jem Bartholomew

Columbia University, 2019-20