Our Community

We are a thriving and connected global community of leaders, experimenters, and changemakers. 

The impact of our work is not only transformational on an individual level, but positively influences social, economic, political, environmental and technological advancement worldwide. Our 25,000-strong community ers are tackling some of the most urgent global issues in collaborative ways. They recognise that to solve global challenges we urgently need to bring together the minds and the energy of people from all cultures and backgrounds to foster mutual understanding and spark collective action.

Keep up with our community:

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Hear from Catherine Penman (she/her), All Disciplines Postgraduate Awardee to New York University (2018-19). In this video, Catherine shares some of her achievements during her time in the US, and how her work continues to impact lives post-.

Professor William Campbell, one of the earliest recipients of the Travel Grant recounts his rites of passage from birth in Belfast to Wisconsin and New Jersey via the Nobel Prize podium.

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