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From 17-year-olds to septuagenarians, we support education exchange between talented people of all backgrounds between the UK and the USA, enabling study, teaching and research at some of the world’s most exciting universities through scholarships, advice, coaching and experiential learning.

Are you interested in taking your studies, teaching or research across the pond? 

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We are creative thinkers and experimenters, we seek out connections and partnerships.

At , we believe that cultural exchange has the power to change lives, and the world around us. To solve our shared global problems we urgently need to bring to the table a diversity of experiences and perspectives. We need to create environments where meaningful connections can be formed between people of all backgrounds. We need better understanding of the problems we are dealing with, and more global citizens who know how to communicate and work together.

Over the years, thousands of American and British students and scholars have benefitted from the opportunity to study in each other’s countries, ers enrich their educations, advance their careers and make meaningful contributions abroad and at home.

You’ll join a thriving and connected global community of change-makers, with the chance to learn from thousands of grantees and alumni serving as leaders across the globe.

Hear more about the experiences of some of our recent UK grantees and alumni as they navigate the application process and life in the USA.